Tuesday, June 26, 2007

NOBODY can stop the music!

When my pal Davis says he's coming over with movies, I expect perhaps a Herzog marathon. I do not expect the Village People movie Can't Stop the Music.

Oh, MAN! It was really emotional. Steve Guttenberg was full of dreams! Bruce Jenner was constantly taken aback by the loose morals of the Greenwich Village scene!

Here is a fine summary of this astounding film.

This is far and away the best bad movie I have ever seen.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Heads Up!!!! Wednesday, June 27

Peter Schimke Trio
(from Star-Trib)
Outstanding homegrown pianist Peter Schimke has recorded with some of the hippest senior citizens in jazz, both national (singing star Mark Murphy), and local (tenor sax legend Irv Williams, comeback gal Carole Martin). That's not bad for a guy who started out as a new-wave rock drummer! This week, Schimke stars in a trio gig with lots of surprise twists. After an acoustic first set with Jeff Bailey (bass) and J.T. Bates (drums), the group expands and morphs into a quartet with guitarist Dean Granros, as brother Chris Bates takes over for Bailey on bass, and the sound turns decidedly more electric. Schimke will also do some singing, as fans get a preview of his all-original CD that's currently being mapped out in the studio. Tom Surowicz

Price: $5

Dakota Jazz Club

1010 Nicollet Mall Minneapolis, MN

7:00 pm, Jun 27, Wed.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

My Brilliant Future in Entrepreneurship

It's hot.

It's midnight.

My neighbors, just warming up for the night, have made a lateral musical move from bad loud rap to bad loud contemporary country.

For diversion, I have been hacking away at my hair in the bathroom mirror. (It's not all that dramatic -- still past shoulders and all...)

BUT LISTEN TO THIS GREAT IDEA!!!!! Who wants to start a Salon-While-You-Slumber with me? Stylists would make housecalls while you sleep, and you would wake up with a fabulous new haircut. I would LOVE that. I NEVER have time to go and refresh my 'do.

Actually, now that I ponder this further, it sounds a little creepy. People with scissors sneaking into your house and all.

Plus, nobody should want to start that business with me; I'm a beauty school dropout.


A poem by Brian Engel

-for Bao Phi

Leave me a dry leaf
say you've seen a cold drop
of rain from a bird's shoulder

When I fly
I am the wind
powder of chimney tops

There are no dead roses
in my hair no snow
in my fist

My hair is dying
my hair is perfect
your hair is perfect

vultures do drop rain
leaves do curl into seed

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Sunday

Do you ever want to keep typing after a writing session, even though you know the muse has left the building? Maaan.... That's how I wound up with this list of what I recall of my reading material since mid-2005.

Friday, June 15, 2007

A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You

On a non-Ebay related Internet foray, my mom (hi mom!) came across this review of Upon Arrival by Erin Lynn Marsh and sent it to me. Erin calls the book "pleasingly anomalous", which thrills me, for I imagine the crew of the Enterprise analyzing it with their long range sensors.

I have been receiving literary RICHES recently, and I'd like to share my good fortune with you.

First off, my latest issue of swerve landed in my mailbox. If you don't subscribe to this beautiful, handcrafted literary magazine, you are missing out. Issue 16 features Kate Hall, Chris Hosea, Juliet Patterson, and Lynn Xu.

Then I received my set of Octopus 8 chapbooks.

Then I was able to have the inimitable Ms. Terri Ford autograph my copy of Hams Beneath the Firmament.

And I have a replacement copy of Stephen Burt's Popular Music PLUS a copy of the awesome Shot Clocks, poems and an essay for the WNBA.

All's I want for anymore is some advice from the narwhal, which problem should be remedied any second now!

With all this amazing work for inspiration, I will be wildly disappointed with myself if I can't crank a poem out today. Life has been large lately, and my regular writing schedule has had to take backseat, but today is mine MINE MIIIIIINE!

Please wish me luck.

p.s. If you recall my embarrassing obsession of a couple weeks back, I should tell you that I have settled down somewhat. However, I did place a widget at the bottom of this blog so I can display my lack of authority with a bit of a cocky swagger.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Our Second Season Finale!

Can you believe it's already nearly time to bid Imaginary Press Reading Series a happy summer vacation?

Come down to Opposable Thumbs tonight (Friday) at 7:30 to hear Ms. Terri Ford and Mr. Steve Healey!

This evening promises to leave you as full of anticipation for the fall as the season finale of

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Paula: Now with extra oxygen!!!

This is Sweet Basil.

This is Samuel Beckett.

I have given up wheat and tobacco for June, just to see what happens. We'll see. Can't really tell any difference due to a lack of the grain yet, but with all the extra fresh air in my brain, I am proud to distinguish the difference between those two things in the photos -- the planting and reading of which comprised some of the nicest parts of my weekend.