Tuesday, April 11, 2006

semi-formal C.V.

Current Position________________________________________
July 2005 to Present
Globe University – Full Time Liberal Arts Faculty

Primary duties:
• Teach foundations of writing, composition, literature, creative writing,
communications, film in society, and humanities courses
• Serve as faculty advisor for Globe’s literary magazine, the Creative Quill
• Organize two yearly group readings for faculty and students
• Participate in inter-faculty mentorship
• Participate in faculty retention committee

M.F.A. Creative Writing, 2005
Vermont College, Montpelier, VT

Critical Thesis: The Wrong Answers or None at All: Not Knowing and Poetry
Senior Lecture: In Order to Stop Imposing: A Surrealist Parlor Game Salon
Creative Thesis: Upon Arrival: Poems

B.A. English with a Writing Emphasis, 1998
College of St. Catherine, St. Paul, MN

A.A. Liberal Arts, 1994
Minneapolis Community College, Minneapolis, MN

Teaching Experience ________________________________________
The University of St. Thomas: 2006-present: Adjunct Faculty

• ENGLISH 111: Critical Reading and Writing – Fiction and Nonfiction – 2
• ENGLISH 112: Critical Reading and Writing – Poetry and Drama – 1 section

Globe University: 2005-present: Fulltime Liberal Arts Faculty

- HU320 World Literature
- HU150 Introduction to Literature -- multiple sections
- HU121 Film in Society
- HU100 Introduction to Humanities -- multiple sections
- CM050 Foundations of Writing 1 -- multiple sections
- CM052 Foundations of Writing 2 – multiple sections
- CM111 Speech Communications
- CM121 Composition – multiple sections
- CM210 Introduction to Creative Writing -- multiple sections
-CM220 The Art of Persuasion
- CM311 Communication Theory

The Loft Literary Center: Summer 2005: Creative Writing Instructor

• The Writer is in the Midst: Allowing Uncertainty, a
creative process writing course

Rasmussen College: Summer Quarter 2006: Adjunct Faculty

• BO97 Foundations of English 1 -- 2 sections
• E150 Success Strategies -- 2 sections

Book Publication and Manuscripts________________________________________

-Ghost Fargo, poetry collection. Nightboat Books, spring 2010.
-Two Museums, poetry chapbook. MaCaHu Press, 2009
-Or Else What Asked the Flame, poetry e-chap w/Mathias Svalina. Scantily Clad
Press, 2008.
-Upon Arrival, poetry collection. Black Ocean Press, Boston. 2006.
-How Birds Work, fine press chapbook. Fuori Editions, Minneapolis. 2002.

Poems in Anthologies________________________________________
“The Black Suit.” Lush: an Anthology and Cocktail Guide. Spout Press (fall 2006).

“Daedalian,” “ My Dearest Memory,” “Birds of Appetite,” and “ To A Margin.”
SHADE: An Anthology. Four Way Books (2004) 76-81.

“The Moon Pretends He Has A Crush” and “As She Approaches.” Gazelle Poets
Anthology (spring 1997) 6-8.

Poems in Literary Magazines________________________________________

Selections from "Because of the Curses." Handsome, forthcoming

"Ode to Falling Below the Radar of the Gods." Barn Owl Review #2 (2009).

Selections from "Because of the Curses." The Laurel Review (winter 2008).

"Thanks, NE," from "the Poor Choruses," and "Ode." failbetter.com (fall 2008).
“Something Blue,” “Cape Disappointment, WA,” “Ode to Progress,” “Ode to a Dull
Ache,” and “Tonight.” Handsome, (Winter 2007).

“Ode to My Screenplay: Pardon My Welschmerz,” Coconut (October 2007) online.

Two featured poems in Sharkforum. (September 2, 2007).

“Telescope Psalm” and “Tyros’ World Tour.” Blackbird (spring 2007) online.

“Erasures from Home Birth.” Konundrum Engine Literary Review (January 2007)

“All the Way Home.” Swink 3(winter 2006).

“Purgatory, ME” and “Hell, MI.” Pilot (fall 2006) online.

“Embarrass, MN.” The Café Review (fall 2006) 10.

“History, a Round.” Hunger Mountain (spring 2006).

“Common Prayer.” Crazyhorse 66 (2004) 95-96.

“The Motto for Anyone Who Falls into a Black Hole Must Be ‘Think Imaginary’.”
Forklift,Ohio 13 (2004) 116-117.

“Mercury Waits Tables at the Macrocosm Café.” Black Warrior Review 30:2 (2004)

“How Birds Work.” Spinning Jenny 7 (2003) 16-17.

“Piano Solo.” The Melic Review 20/21 (2003) online.

“According to Cloud Formations I Will Spend This Day,” “Springtime,” “Ear Ache
Song,” “News From the Monkey House” and “Here on Somnambulist
Avenue.” Puppy Flowers 3(2003) online.

“Passenger Villanelle,” “How to Steal,” “Our Possible Brother” and “Opening
Remarks.” Fuori 2 (2002) 100-103.

“Lucky Poem” and “Bank Book.” Spout 26 (2002) 19, 38.

“Idea For Recurring Dream,” “Below Freezing,” “Gimme Shelter,” “Origami” and

“Gold Rush Hamlet.” Fuori 1 (2001) 6-10.

“Peace.” Swerve 7 (2001) 24-29.

“The Word String Can’t Blister Your Hands.” Conduit 7 (1999) slate ripper.

“Stella.” Comstock Review 13:2 (1999) 99.

Academic and Community Service: ________________________________________
Contributing Editor for Hunger Mountain; the Vermont College Journal of Arts and
Letters, 2007-present

Host of the Imaginary Press Reading Series: fall 2006 – present

Volunteer guest poet: Farnsworth Elementary: spring 2006

Blake Upper School guest artist: fall 2001
taught a full day poetry and performance workshop

Volunteer for several local literary magazines such as Rain Taxi Review of Books,
Swerve and Fuori: ongoing

Minnesota Center for Arts Education creative writing mentor: 1998-1999
corresponded with students through monthly mailed packets

Co-founder and facilitator of St. Paul Calls quarterly poetry and jazz series: 1997-

Frogtown Artists’ Outreach Program creative writing instructor: 1997
collaborated with artists and held poetry and mixed media classes

Founder and host of the weekly open mic at The Artists’ Quarter: 1996-2000

Metro State University guest poet: 1996
read and discussed work in Sherry Quan Lee’s creative writing class

Honors and Awards________________________________________

  • 2009 SASE/Jerome Grant recipient
  • 2008 Nightboat Poetry Prize, Ghost Fargo manuscript selected by Franz Wright
    • Upon Arrival manuscript was a semifinalist for the Beatrice Hawley Award
    through Alice James Books, 2005
    • Ruth Lilly Prize candidate of Vermont College, 2003
    • SASE/Jerome Grant finalist, 1999
    • SASE Teacher to Writer Mentorship winner with Roseann Lloyd, 1998
    • Delta Phi Lambda Creative Writing Honor Society inductee, 1998
    • Sigma Tau Delta English Honor Society inductee, 1997

    Professional Memberships________________________________________
    • The Association of Writers and Writing Programs
    • The Loft Literary Center


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