Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Here's a draft I've been working on. I dunno.

Cape Disappointment, WA
Is that how you are these days?
Like the Graveyard of the Pacific?
I am a bit.
--Anne de Marcken

This shore shall be named
after my disappointment so that

my disappointment can jut far
out into the ocean.

Future travelers will have to build
a lighthouse to warn passing ships

of my disappointment, which is
a threat on foggy nights.

Lewis and Clark will plant
a flag proudly atop

my disappointment,
though I had claimed it first.

Troops will arrive
to fortify my disappointment.

My lush disappointment which
supports a bounty of vegetation

and therefore allows wildlife to thrive.
Eventually, a national park will be

erected around my disappointment
and tourists will flock. On legal holidays,

on Sundays after church, families
will picnic along the sands of my

disappointment. I should be --
but how can I be? -- glad

for them. My disappointment
has erased all our names.


Kate said...

Love it. Hate you for being so brilliant. Kind of hating Anne, too--where did that come from? xo

brian said...

I will don epaulettes and a plumed helmet and raise arms in defense of the shores of your disappointment.

paula said...

K: Anne's quote is a direct quote. Hmmm....Maybe I better let her know I swiped it!

B: Bless your chivalry.

Hum & Aepha said...

i want to live inside this poem.