Sunday, August 13, 2006

Young A's Fun With Photoshop

This entry is mainly for the handful of friends I have recently been pestering to pleeease take a decent picture of me. It is no easy task; I am wriggly and unnatural when a camera appears, and I could practically be a cast member of "My Name is Earl" for every rotten mid-expression photo of me. The above fulfills my criteria for a passable photo as:
1. my eyes are open
2. I don't have that dingy "I've never had a thought in my head" look, and
3. I don't look like a complete b@#*ch.
Oh happy day.


Kate said...


Hum & Aepha said...

Heart of my heart, all blackbird beauty...full.

paula said...

What kind of wingnut puts a picture that she can admittedly stand of herself on her very own weblog and then becomes wildly self-conscious when friends compliment her on it? This kind. But thank you, ladies, very much.