Saturday, May 26, 2007

It was supposed to thunderstorm all day!

Not that I mind a good thunderstorm, but instead we're doing this yard stuff:

I like how when I focus in on a little piece of my yard it can seem so lovely and simple. This seems like a metaphor for anything, I suppose. (By the way, the only thing I have learned about gardening is this: dianthus is sold as an annual, but it is not! It's come back for me four years in a row!)
This is my original iris patch about to bloom in full. I've spread it around to about five other spots.... this one. The yard looks sort of dull. I accept gardening suggestions, especially of the "easy-plants-Paula-can't-kill-and-extra-advice-on-how-not-to-kill-them" variety, since I am still quite a novice. And a novice who only wants to commit to minimal yardwork time.
See? The truth comes out. Here's part of our big jungle-y mess and my teenager being paid to fix it. Yay, teenager!


gemellen said...

your yard is BIG & lovely! cannot wait to see it for reals. yr teenager is also punk rock.

Monica said...

I actually cannot believe that is your baby boy in that picure. He looks so...BIG and Punk Rock. I too have discovered that minimal gardening is best. Container gardening works well and doesn't require kneeling for hours pulling weeds. Some plants & herbs and plants that I grow and are hard to kill, yet pretty and smell nice, are: spearamint, lemon balm, lavendar, sage, basil, etc. And, the wildflower garden also requires little work and draws butterflies.

paula said...

Thanks, Lady! I started a broken- down-wheelbarrow herb garden after your advice!