Sunday, September 23, 2007

Lord Buckley Tribute Returns!!

Sunday September 30, Davis Wilson's “Lord Buckley Runs Wild” + Dean Granros Trio (8:00 p.m, $6).
Davis Wilson, the dapper & hip greeter at the door of the AQ, channels his inner Buckley for this second edition of the live rant. Lord Buckley came to cult prominence in the 1950s with an underground elocution revolution. His elegantly proper manner only accentuated his Love & Mercy philosophical bent, laying down beatnik speechification to the sounds of jazz. Davis Wilson, who has achieved his own underground fame in the basement of the Historic Hamm Building, is a spot-on preserver of the Buckley tradition. Lords and Ladies, you’ll be pleased and flipped to witness the Wilson enchantment, accompanied by musical sorcerers The Dean Granros Trio.

All you lords and ladies, hep cats and cool kitties will be "pleased and flipped" that you made the scene

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