Saturday, April 05, 2008

Brunettes Not Fighter Jets

It's this week's show and tell!

Here is a photo of Frank and Paul, my fellow readers at last Sunday's Riot Act Reading Series:

Paul Dickinson on the right there is also one of the hosts. I'll prove it:

On an unrelated note, I wanted to share that I recently had reason to learn that this is my only set of guest sheets:

Similarly unrelated, I went hiking in the woods in Wisconsin this afternoon! My fellow travellers and I hoofed it in to see the Willow River waterfall, and it was spectacular. But I forgot my camera, so here's a photo of my muddy boots:

Second to lastly, because I don't have the cable t.v., I am frequently wont to discover gems at a different pace than many others. For example, I didn't know about Flight of the Conchords until my latest issue of Bust arrived. Now I love them so much. Here is a little taste that you have probably already seen:

6. This week's score from the branch library: A VHS called The World's Weirdest Homes. Yessss!


Anonymous said...

i cannot wait to come sleep on yr animal cracker sheets!!! xoxox

John Gallaher said...

I love those sheets.

paula said...

Intact, you are welcome for slumber party any time!

John, if I ever find another set, it'll be shipped straight to your door!