Monday, September 01, 2008

August From Bedlam to Snuffy's

First off, I have cheated. I just posted Bemidji and Bedlam photos, but I predated them August 3rd and August 21st so the blog would remain chronologically sound.

Secondly, here am I this weekend taking my chauffer duties very seriously as I shuttle the kiddos from maltshop to playground:

The kids became fascinated by the outdated technology called "cassette tapes" that Auntie Paula had all over the floor of her back seat. In this way, I was able to introduce them to selections from the Replacements, Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash. They also found about 28 cents. (That's my sister and niece in the car behind us.)

Small change and punk rock?? Weeeeeee!

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Anonymous said...

When Paula is around, those kids forget Grandma & Mom... The chorus went: "I'm riding with Auntie Paula!" What a great day. Small change and punk rock sounds like a great title. :-) Sister, you rock.