Friday, November 07, 2008

Baby Trumps Twine Ball

A couple weekends ago, my pals K and A and I headed out to Darwin, MN, to see the largest ball of twine wound by one man. It's big. I don't feel I would have been any more impressed by the somewhat larger balls of twine that exist in a couple other cities around the midwest that were created as group efforts.
You do sort of think, however, that there'll be more to do around a ball of twine.

The following weekend, and politely during a visit by my brother and his friend, this new guy in our family showed up so we could all meet him.

And here is my favorite kid on the planet leaving the voting booths with his little red sticker in hand. Yes!!!!!!!!

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Al Iverson said...

TWINE! Thanks again. It was great to see you.