Thursday, April 02, 2009

National Stripmall Month

I don't know... I have this series of existing things running through my mind that will never need to have a month dedicated to them.

National Animated Sitcom Month

It's not very smart or clever, it's just ongoing as I go about my business during National Poetry Month. Can't help it.

National American Idol Month

Do you think anybody who doesn't write poetry actually reads more poetry in April and likes it from then on?

National Professional Athlete Month
National Hair Highlights Month

Maybe somebody does. That would be cool. In any case, I am trying the NaPoWriMo excercise again this time. It didn't work for me the only other time I tried because I tried to use somebody else's writing prompts. I felt like a disappointment when they didn't work for me.

National Action Hero Month

And I won't subject anybody to the drafts as they come; that seems too much pressure, but hopefully I'll have something to report by month's end.


Jeanie said...

For better or worse, I think pretty much every month is National Professional Athlete Month.

And I would so celebrate National Hair Highlights Month.

Anonymous said...


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