Monday, May 17, 2010

A Little Update & A Question About Who's Commenting

The Little Update:
I love, and they kindly published two of my poems a few days back. It makes me so glad.

The Question About Who's Commenting:
Why am I getting so many bad comments and links to who knows what in my comments? Will you please stop? Will some real person tell me how to make that stop?


Al Iverson said...

It's spam. I would turn comments to "moderated" for a while, in your Blogger configuration page.

They might be targeting you more than me because you use a Blogspot domain name and I don't. You could try making your "official" URL instead, that might help. Let me know if you want to do that. (Your old URL keeps working when you do that.)

quote said...

If you've linked this blog on other sites, whoever visits those sites (spammers of those sites) could be doing it too.

paula said...

Thanks. It stopped. If you helped, thank you! (Did you?)

Al Iverson said...

Not me.

Cholisose said...

You should be able to delete any comments you wish as well.
But congratulations on getting two more poems published! That is always a nice thing.