Sunday, May 14, 2006

Chicago is "just right" for me!

That is a quote from a very fine t-shirt.
Every time I visit Chicago, I want to move there. After the wonderful readings at Danny's Tavern and the Book Cellar, I am eagerly awaiting the trip photos. Of friends, amazing friends, mainly, but also of the long and ever growing list of oddly combined words. A restaurant awning proclaiming "Patio Beef" was the clear winner this afternoon. (Which reminds me, on the trip to Fargo last month, a sign selling "elk" and a sign selling "violins" were posted next to each other in the same field. It's just an amazing world, really. Those landowners are special enigmas to me.)
Clearly I have made it home safely and am wildly overtired.


Kate said...

"Swami has gone for TP and beer" still does it for me more than "Patio Beef." Maybe that's just because I'm a prose person.

Move here. Move here NOW. A. doesn't really need to finish high school, does he?

Hum & Aepha said...

seriously, there are good high schools here. c'mon. bring it, p-to-the-aula. i'd drink more and stuff.

Al Iverson said...

Chicago is a great place. I would love living in the city, and Chicago seems like it really would be The City. Yeah, I live in the city here, but it's just not the same.

Anyway, don't move. At least, not until you've stopped over to watch the season finale of Earl.