Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Help I don't get it

This is a general call for assistance of the weblog variety.

First off, why why oh why are my sidebar links to the poems I wrote and the general goodness so large and ruddy compared to the regular links? I swear it looks exactly the same in the template gobbledygook (shut up, Al).

Second, why are all my links underlined? Do I have a choice?

And third, I'm trying an experiment.

I did it I did it! I made an intext link. Is that called a hyperlink? I don't care. I will enjoy the smartypants rush in all its fleeting glory.


Kate said...

Go, smartypants!

I think you have to change templates to get rid of the underlineyness. And I don't know where in the gobbledygook to find what makes those sidebar links different, but it's there somewhere. I dealt with that once. Template change would likely solve that, too, but you'll have to redo all links, which is all new opportunity to screw up.

I'm sure more useful help will be available when our favorite geek returns from Mallorca/Baraboo.

Al Iverson said...

Yes, called a hyperlink. Have no clue about the rest of it. Happy to help in person sometime soon when I can like look at stuff and such.

paula said...

Oh! I would prefer to leave things askew and underlined than to change templates and redo! Sounds scary. When Al's back from his whirlwind tour I shall seek advice.

lluad said...

The reason some of your sidebar links are grossly huge is that you have a typo in your HTML. If you look just below the title ("some things i wrote") you'll see a </ul> tag. That should be a <ul> tag instead.

paula said...

Wow! Brilliant! Thank you, lluad; I probably never would have noticed that wee distinction on my own.