Wednesday, November 08, 2006

poetry and voting

Boy was the reading swell last night! Do you all have Terri Ford's first book? Well, you better hurry on up because I learned her second will be out next spring!

And Eric did a really interesting brand spanking new experimental piece that included a voice loop. So very cool.

And a good number of my students came. For some, yesterday was their first poetry reading AND first time voting. I was so happy for them!

P was playing in the band at the Democratic shindig, so my pal J and I hoofed over after the reading to check it out. It was moving, actually, being in the room as MN's first woman senator and first African-American Muslim congressman made their victory speeches. But truly, J and I spent a goodly portion of the evening pondering how we could get on this man's dance card. Alas, it was not to be.


Kate said...

Ooh, jealous!

paula said...

Kate, will you finally move to MPLS when Al Franken is our senator?

Kate said...

Shit, that's a toughie. Maybe if Obama becomes president?