Tuesday, December 12, 2006

See, Mom? I Wasn't the only Santa-phobe!

When I was a tot, my mother brought me to Gamble's Department Store to sit on Santa's lap. We waited for...God knows...two hours? in a hot, dark hallway that reeked of urine (this queue was such a commitment that children were not allowed to lose their place to reinforce potty training skills, evidently) to get to the front of the line. And when we did, and when we saw Santa up on a throne on a stage just waiting for me me meee, I threw a holy freakout and couldn't be dragged (and people tried) toward him.

That's why I was so glad when my pal Kate had a version of this
Scared of Santa Gallery on her weblog. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

We went to see a performance of The Santaland Diaries last weekend (awesome), and one of the things David Sedaris points out is that pretty much ALL children between 2 and 4 are terrified of Santa and don't actually want to be there. The pictures are fun, though.

Patti C said...

I love this! Although I was not in attendance for the infamous Paula meltdown, the retelling of the story has become part of our family oral history. In fact, it is used to teach values to the youngest of the tribe. LOL