Monday, December 11, 2006

'Tis the Season, Momentarily

1. Saturday night P and I went to a really nice Christmas party for which I got to play dress up like a grown lady: pointy heels and beige fishnets and a pleated, crinoline lined skirt. That was fun. But later that evening, P sat in with a rootsy/jam band that was in town from Atlanta, so I got to go to a hippy-filled blues bar in my fancy costume! THAT was hilarious. Tie-dyed types were looking at me sideways like I had a mohawk. Actually, if I still had a mohawk I'd have stood out less there. I wanted so badly to circulate with a tray in my hand, saying things like, "I'm so glad you could make it! Are you having a nice time?" and "Can I freshen your drink, darling?"

2. Sunday we got up early and headed to a neighborhood church bake sale to buy pierogis. Apple and cabbage (2 separate kinds, not combo). My sister and I are making potato and cheese (2 separate kinds) next week. Later, we picked out our tree from the farmers' market.

3. With the extra branches we had to clip from the tree base, I figured out how to fashion a wreath out of a wire hanger and garbage bag twist ties. Seriously. It is awesome.


Anonymous said...

1) I want pictures of the grown-up lady outfit!!
2) Al and I discovered a cafe called The Pierogi Factory the other day. It was closed, but we can't wait to try it. And it would be way more fun if you were visiting.
3) When are you coming to visit again?

How 'bout now?

paula said...

Now would be fun! Maaaaan.
Maybe I'll have to figure out that bargain bus for some mid-birthdays fun. Whaddya think?

Anonymous said...

Eeeee! Yes!

Also, I think I told you we'll be there over New Year's. But you need to come here for The Pierogi Factory.

(Oh, and I'm taking Megabus to Indy tomorrow. Will give you a review afterwards.)