Saturday, July 21, 2007


PESTO! I love farmers' market season. This afternoon I listened to M. Ward and made pesto. Ahhhh.... It's poor man's pesto where you substitute walnuts for pine nuts, but it's not too bad. Last week I made cilantro/pumpkin seed/lemon pesto. 'Twas lovely.

It's a quiet day for me. A is socializing and P is gigging. It's good. I'm so tired of listening to myself talk by the end of the teaching week.

After I'm done writing this evening, I get to watch Rashomon. I'm psyched half because I really don't know enough about Kurosawa and half because Milosz referenced the film a couple times in his letters to Thomas Merton.

If it's a REALLY productive writing evening, I will also treat myself to the last episode of the first season of Wonder Woman.

In other news, my yard is an abomination. Everything is singed and sad except the weeds which are happy and out of hand. Help has been enlisted for tomorrow.


gemellen said...

We should have dinner together. Pesto is awesome. Wine. & some much needed Paula & me time, yes? I think yes.

paula said...

Oh yes. Megabus?