Saturday, July 07, 2007

What I did on my summer vacation

Here's me lounging around glutting on entire books while other members of my family did active summer lake things. Later, I did some active summer lake things, too.

My friend who lives in Seattle was just a few lakes over visiting her family, so we met in Detroit Lakes for lunch at this restaurant called Zorbaz that replaces everything uzually zpelled with an "s" with a "z". One of the waitresses wore a t-shirt that read "thirzt nurze". I'm freaking zeriouz.

We were going to meet at a place called the Lakeside Tavern, but we couldn't get in because the band Warrant was setting up. Warrant:

Here's the famous Frazee turkey in sad shape. Somebody hates fiberglass statuary. Or turkeys.

And the ______________ loon. I forget which town. Do you know?

When one leaves the city for the north country, there's the interesting and somewhat pastoral: Amish folks selling handmade lawn furniture in Dairy Queen parking lots, everybody waving at everybody else when they pass, the occassional llama farm. Then there's the creepy undercurrent of anti-choice billboards littering the highway sides and extra seedy "gentlemen's" clubs just outside the small city limits.

A couple years ago my niece snapped a photo of a beauty salon's sign which read "Free Mullet Removal. Buzz Cuts Five Bucks." This trip, we ate in a diner with a sign which read, "She cleans the house, why not the fish??"

But there was some very decent family time to be had. And I plowed through Egger's "Heartbreaking Tale..." and most of "The Noise of Time".

And now I am home.


Anonymous said...

I believe the loon lives in Vergas. (I may be spelling it wrong.) I will seek out fiberglass statuary with you any time, sistah!

paula said...

Vergas! Of course! I will dig out my copy of Roadside America and see if I can find us another summer trek or two!!

Anonymous said...

I would also like your tour of St. Anthony Main. I'm going on line now to scope out Red Wing. Patti