Sunday, August 03, 2008


My sister Patti and I drove up to Bemidji for a visit and a poetry reading.

Here is Erin, my fellow reader who organized the event, as a bunny, and Patti as a duck.

These photos are from the Beltrami County Fair. I forgot to take any poetry pictures.

This photo is from the chicken dressing competition. This girl crocheted that little outfit for her chicken. When I heard there'd be a chicken dressing competition, I was skeptical and a little apprehensive. What a relief to find out that it's just a bunch of kids who love their chickens so much. My other favorite was a boy who dressed as a fireman and had his chicken in a little yellow rain poncho. He placed third. Though I wanted him to win, I begrudgingly accepted the argument that his costume was perhaps doing more work than his chicken's.

This is my only photo from "Crazy Days." All the stores put a bunch of stuff on sale out on the sidewalk. The Ben Franklin has grab bags for five bucks.

Here are Paul and Babe and me doing my "I can't stand still for a picture" dance.

This is Lola. I love her.

Here are a couple random sculptures, which can be found all over town. This is my favorite:

And this one I find most puzzling.

I didn't get good photos of the dragon boat races or the tent dance or a few other activities. Also, when we were at places like the old house or old babysitter's farm, I was usually a little too distracted to remember proper documentation. But

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Anonymous said...

Hey sister,
I'm trying to figure out what the sculptor was trying to say: Are the fingers falling off or attaching? Dispare or Hope? Or neither? I am bothered by this image. But the weekend was amazing. I'll road-trip with you any time. PMC