Thursday, August 14, 2008

Please see below for why you might want to look to your right

One day in the future I plan to update with Bemidji photos and other news from my small world.

Right now, I ask you to please note the new reading listed on the right sidebar, for Ms. Julie Doxsee is coming to town. Please join us at the Bedlam Theater at 9:30 on August 20th to celebrate her newest book, Undersleep, when Ms. Laura Brandenburg, Mr. Paul Dickinson and I will be joining Julie in reading. Not only that, but Frances Gumm and Beatrix Jar will play!


Anonymous said...

I was hoping that today might be that day in the future where you update us with Bemidji pics. I guess it isn't. I guess today is like a lot of other days before it.


paula said...

Gosh, sorry to disappoint. In the days before today, I have been unable to use my home computer, which has crashed miserably. It'll be awhile before I can upload photos, but I'll try to post something else entertaining in the meantime.