Friday, January 25, 2008

Three Weeks!

That's a long time to go between entries. What have I been doing?

1. I had a birthday. Here:

is the birthday paella that I shared with some friends.

2. P and I went to this exhibit.

3. We missed this Frida Kahlo exhibit, so we saw

4. Juno instead. And, I don't know what everybody was talking about it being so cute; I mean, it was of course, but it also fundamentally messed me up for the rest of the night. On top of which mess I was in, I also had to worry about this: if I am the only one I know of who was fundamentally messed up by it, does that mean that on the great depth continuum of films...wherein someone like Herzog or a harrowing documentarian are on one end, and, say, the American Pie genre is on the other, am I only Fox Searchlights deep?
It doesn't matter. And I'm not. But I put myself through the ringer about it for a good chunk of a night.

5. Decided I couldn't live without this CD anymore. Here's a little clip:

6. Took A:

to Seattle:

to visit friends:

and look at food:

since he's considering chef-hood. It was a fantastic trip. Short yet fantastic. We were power tourists. Experience Music Project, Sci-Fi Museum, Aquarium, Pike Street Market, Space Needle, and so on. We did it.

Thus concludes the highlights of my show and tell post...

Friday, January 04, 2008

Muddy Farm -- Singular

I have only one friend who farms. Luckily, that friend is ALSO a writer. Even luckier, he's begun blogging all about setting up his new farm here.

I don't know anything about farming, so I plan to abuse his comments box with all sorts of questions and see if he will humor me.