Saturday, July 15, 2006

Don't Worry, Be Happy on theremin

I have wanted a theremin for so very long. Clara Rockmore, the concert thereminst, is a heroine of mine. I am just posting this video so my bandmate Jennifer can see how versatile and important this instrument is and that it's not just for scary movie soundtracks. I'm sorry he's playing "Don't Worry, Be Happy," though.


Kate said...


Anonymous said...

If I had sound on my computer at work, I would appreciate the joyful sounds created by a theremin. But, they obviously don't want me to be happy at work. I plan to just sit here and worry. I trust that if there was joy to be squeezed out of a theremin, Paula would be the one to do it.

paula said...

Katest: I knew you'd like.

Dear Anonymous,
Don't worry! Be quietly subversive as is your natural, cheery disposition. (plus: shucks! Thanks!