Saturday, July 15, 2006

Woody Allen. Huh.

Recently, I decided that I wanted to have an opinion on Woody Allen because I had none. I saw New York Stories when it first came out yeeears ago, and the only thing I recall is that most everyone else in the theater seemed "delighted" by the film, and I watched deadpan. Do you know what I mean by "delighted"? Letting rip with that kind of smarmy, reserved chuckle that has nothing to do with enjoyment, but rather is meant to indicate that the laugher "gets" some obscure intellectual or cultural reference. "Maybe I'm not intellectual enough to appreciate Woody Allen," is the thought I was left with.

In the last few weeks I have watched Sleeper and Manhattan, and now I have an opinion which is that my intellect is just fine and Woody Allen is an irritating bore. But, I don't like to jump to conclusions. And I am the type of person that has to finish even the worst book or movie once I start it; otherwise, it remains so...unfinished....So, please advise: do I watch the pinnacle of Allen-ness,Annie Hall, to round out my experience, or do I cut my losses?


Zachary Schomburg said...

If you're going to give it one more shot, go with Deconstructing Harry. If that doesn't work, then your Woody Allen bone is broken.

Hum & Aepha said...

Hannah & Her Sisters --- one of my faves.

Anonymous said...

I loved Annie Hall. Tom fell asleep in the recliner while we watched. Every 15 minutes or so I'd chuck something at him to try to wake him up because I thought he'd think it was funny too. He wouldn't wake up.

I liked the virtual fornication booths in Sleeper. I don't remember if that was the exact name of them - but 25 years or so after watching the movie, I still think about them and think, "dang, that would be cool."

paula said...

Netflix is rushing Deconstructing Harry and Hannah and her Sisters to my door as I type. Plus I saw Annie Hall and Bullets over Broadway this week. I will send a full report soon.