Tuesday, July 04, 2006

More fireworks, please

Having lived near the state capitol for a decade, fireworks are over for me. We have a five day celebration called "Taste of Minnesota" where you can get corndogs, flat beer and sunburn while seeing such acts as Alice Cooper, Davey Jones, Soul Asylum, Herman's Hermits and David Cassidy perform before the nightly fireworks. Seriousy: it's a workweek of fireworks. The first night is nostalgic fun, the second is novel, the third is obligatory, the fourth is unsuccessfully ignored, the fifth interrupts the rented movie.
Nonetheless, a couple years have passed, and last night I went to a lovely firework watching gathering at a condo near all the explode-y action. My friend J and I stepped out onto the back stairwell before sunset and noticed a plane flying around with one of those big banners trailing behind it, and we were delighted. How festive and nostalgic, we thought. I was imagining it was possibly someone's elaborate marriage proposal.
It was a photograph of a ten week abortion. I know because it said so next to the photograph and there was a telephone number. T called the number; it was a recorded message to the effect of, "If you find this offensive, think of...."
So, kudos to those anti-choice supporters, for that brilliant feat of logical argumentation. Especially impressive was how it wasn't opportunistic at all. Plus the non-reliance on shock value.
But, I feel it important to report that though I am still infuriated when I think of it, the airplane didn't ruin our night. At one point I was even begifted with the memory of the rock classic "Ah Leah" by Donnie Iris. And the fireworks were pretty.
Now it's the real fourth of July and I think every single one of my neighbors has been shooting off fireworks for many hours and will be for many hours to come. I'll have to turn up the volume on the Paul Wellstone documentary I checked out from the library when I'm ready to watch it.
And, if this is a politically minded weblog entry, thus concludes probably the only politically minded weblog entry I shall ever write.


Hum & Aepha said...

I love "the fifth interrupts the rented movie."

Also, I love "Anti-Choice" as opposed to "Pro-Life." That speaks to me. Thank you for that.

Kate said...

I'm so glad it wasn't just my neighbors with the fireworks. Ugh. Wish I'd had a Wellstone doc to crank. That'll be the plan for next year.