Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The Bridge Collapse

I want to thank my friends who have called or emailed to check on us today. A and I are fine. I have heard the voice of everyone I am close to who I'm sure travels the Highway 35 bridge on a daily basis. But I have not heard from everyone I know yet. Please be okay.

It's horrible. At least six people are confirmed dead.

It took a couple hours to get through to one of my closest friends, who would have been on the bridge had she left work five minutes earlier. She saw the whole thing, the fires and all, and is shaken, very shaken, but alive.

Many of the news helicopters filming the collapse were right over my house. It was loud, frightening -- even at this distance -- we live about a mile from there.

Now it's dark and raining. And lightning. And more lightning. I hope it will hold off. I hope they can save some more people.


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It was a day that I thanked the powers that be that you drive all over town avoiding freeways. I love you, Sistah.