Wednesday, August 08, 2007

My Addiction to Withdrawal

Do you know what are stupid?
Do you know what's more stupid?
Me three days off cigarettes.

There are five ways to fix a run-on sentence:

RUN-ON EXAMPLE: Cigarettes are expensive and unhealthy they seem worth it right now.

1. Make it two sentences:
Cigarettes are expensive and unhealthy. They seem worth it right now.

2. Use a semicolon:
Cigarettes are expensive and unhealthy; they seem worth it right now.

3. Use a semicolon, a conjunctive adverb or transitional phrase, and a comma:
Cigarettes are expensive and unhealthy; however, they seem worth it right now.

4. Use a comma and a coordinating conjunction:
Cigarettes are expensive and unhealthy, but they seem worth it right now.

5. Use a subordinating conjunction:
Although cigarettes are expensive and unhealthy, they seem worth it right now.

I don't even smoke that much, people. I just obsess when feel denied, or when I can feel myself "healing" and "getting healthy". It's totally distracting.

I took a friend up on a MySpace invitation. Another friend suggested yoga.

So I'm all manic back and forth between MySpace and countless sun salutations. These are my current substitutions. It's ridiculous.


Kristi Maxwell said...

the one time i tried to quit with any success (six months), i kept a cigarette on my desk with with this written on it in sharpee: 7 minutes (which is apparently how many minutes a given cigarette takes off of a life -- a life specific to the smoking).

good luck.

paula said...

Sadly, my first reaction was, "You wrote with a Sharpie on a perfectly good cigarette???"

But I love the visual.

And I appreciate the good wishes.

Thanks Kristi!

gemellen said...

i'm totally coming here for all my grammar needs, babe. because you make it so fun! also good luck with all the addictions, withdrawals & substitutions ...

Screwsan said...

Hey Paula! It's Susan from VC. I just found your blog through Kate's. Yay! You should try Chantix--it's a new prescription anti-smoking drug that blocks cravings and obsessions.

paula said...

Susan! Nice to hear from you. I have heard of this Chantix. If I fall back off the wagon again, I might have to look into it.

What are you up to??