Sunday, August 19, 2007

I slipped....

...and smoked an entire pack of cigarettes all by myself yesterday. I started early and really put some effort into it. It was revolting. And glorious.

And today I am hoping that one of these cups of green tea will indeed help me feel less like an ashtray on legs.


Anonymous said...

Chantix is totally making it happen for me. If I even smoke one measly cigarette I will vomit. If I smell incense I will shake then vomit. Socializing at bonfires is totally out. When I bake bread as I do now and again, and there happens to be a few stray crumbs in my oven which smoulder, I am out for the rest of the afternoon. I must lie down. And so I do and am well rested and not smoking.

It is the first time anything has ever worked for me. A very base therapy, to poison oneself, to gather an immediate negative association. Death and premature aging and polution are too abstract to act upon.

Anyway, the state might pay for your prescript. They do in VT.

Good luck. Green Tea should help.


paula said...

Chantix. Hmm... Thanks, lady. I worry about not being able to function through my many classes while thusly drugged, though. What do you think?