Saturday, June 28, 2008

Midwest Mini-Tour, Part One

Rauan Klassnik and I joined forces for a few days to tour parts of the midwest in support of our Black Ocean books. It was great! I'll be posting about that week in pieces over the course of this week.
June 21st. Here is Rauan as we are about to reboard our first Megabus en route to Madison for our reading at Avol's Books.

Rauan peruses my new manny, Ghost Fargo.

June 22nd. Over coffee before our Avol's reading, I try to warm up to the idea of being in some of the trip photos too by including my shoe in this shot. Rauan looks collected, ready to knock 'em dead.

Rauan of Holy Land chats with Ron of Avol's.

Our first reading done!

Aside from the reading, checking out the neighborhood around the capitol building and the occassional bite to eat, Rauan spent most of his time in his room watching Animal Cops, and because we don't have cable at home, I glutted on light-ish movies, the best of which was Bend it Like Beckham. I watched this just in time to get excited about the Spain/Italy and Spain/Russia matches. Between the movie and some explanations from Rauan who is a big soccer fan, I am pretty much a soccer expert now (says the girl who can't figure out which team is which when they switch uniform colors...).

Tomorrow I'll post about the first parts of Chicago and some of our possible tour titles...

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