Monday, June 30, 2008

Mini Tour, Part Three

Next, Rauan and I traveled to Cincinnati. Having completely romanticized this town for months, I was a little nervous on the ride down, but we kept ourselves busy by starting some collaborative poems.

Here Michael and Rauan dive right into the debate:

Here are Kristi and Amy setting up:
Michael, Amy, and Kristi were our gracious, generous hosts.

Here is some pre-reading kitchen chat:
Then the good gathering:

And our wonderful co-reader, Ruth Dickey:

I think I've posted enough photos of what Rauan and I look like reading. What I wish I could have captured were the lightning bugs which were by the hundreds lighting up all over the yard during the reading! It was only the second time I'd ever seen them!

We stayed up late!

To sum up, Cincinnati was even more glamorous than I had imagined. I cannot wait for another excuse to visit. Maybe even to stay more than 19 hours.

I guess the next post will be my last Mini Tour post. But my part of the readings are done and my mini-vacation started some time between the last two photographs above, so the remaining pictures will be miscellaneous puppy, skyscraper, and adorable toddler shots. Just sayin'.

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Kristi Maxwell said...

Yea! We're so glad you came -- these photos and the commentary are fun. Come back whenever you want. Our cold is a little less cold than your cold, from what I hear. & please send me your new manuscript -- for my reading pleasure! Thanks for adding us to your tour.