Sunday, June 29, 2008

Midwest Tour, Part Two

Some Possible Tour Names:*

The Eagle or Crow Tour**
Do Not Sit on the Monument Tour
The No Spitting Tour
The Baby Bird Tour
So Loud It'll Wake the Dead! Tour
The Hare and Noodle Tour
The Dalai Lama Hoppin' Mad Goose Tour
The Three Million Candle Tour
The Cheese and Wind Tour***
The Puritan Doves Tour
Is The Score 0-0? Tour
The Second Cousins Tour

June 23rd: K, A, M, and I had some pre-reading tapas at People in Wicker Park before heading to:

Afterwards at Rodan:

Blurry guys. For some reason I refuse to use the flash on my camera.

*Now that a few days have passed, it's clear that some of these tour names may have only been funny in context of random tour sitings and on-bus discussions. We are probably open to suggestions.
**This is a highly flawed game we tried to perfect which involves deciding if a person is an eagle or a crow. I like it because the birds are such false opposites, like you might find on a professional development quiz you might take at work (Are you always upbeat or have you once been angry?) or a bloggy quiz that tells you what spice you are (Do you like jabanero peppers or chalk?) Rauan and I, by the way, are both crows, but we feel differently about being so.

***Wisconsin has a lot of cheese, and Chicago is windy...

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