Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Thanks to Brooklyn

Fred had mentioned that reading at Pete's would be somewhat like reading in a U-boat, but it was actually like reading on a burlesque puppet theater stage in a U-boat, which is to say I LOVED it and it is now one of my favorite rooms on the planet.

Fred turned me on to: Nicanor Parra, Anna Moschovakis (I am internally composing my fan letter as I write this), Jamaican patties, the Staten Island Ferry, and Cafe Regular.

DJ turned me on to: CourtBooks, the groovy stylings of James Suffern and Kim. In turn, we discovered the meaning of Pacifico yardbird and various neon whatnots. (note to deej: please also send photo of "support our oops")

I made myself proud manoeuvering the train system solo, since the only train line in MN takes a straight shot from downtown MPLS to the Mall of America and then the airport and that's it.

Everybody who came to the reading or hosted the reading or put me up or disco danced with me or tourguided me or took my books in their store was so kind; I'm chok full of grateful for the whole experience!


Kate said...

I missed disco dancing? Goddammit!

James said...

Paula, you brought the fun to the boroughs, girlfriend. YOU were the attraction.

And...I was reading your poems on the subway last week. They're better than good, Paula. Really, much better than great.

Hope to see you soon.