Friday, October 20, 2006

Thanks to Deej's Digital Photography Skills Here's some Brooklyn

In keeping with my word combo issue, here is a restaurant that gives Chicago's Patio Beef a run for its money.
Except these aren't from Brooklyn. They are just south of Hell's Kitchen. Above is one of the pieces from the Exit Gallery's opening of the exhibit of Latin album covers and art inspired by said covers. In addition to this sculpture's aesthetic appeal, it is a Hot Wheels track.
Good neon outside the Exit Gallery.
A photo by one of my new favorite artist/photographers, but I'm not sure I've got the name right!! Vladka Horvak, I think. She is not currently Google-able. If anybody has information, please share.


b said...

Love the Horvak picture!
Makes me want to be inches away.

paula said...

Oh MAN, b! You would have loved them. There were two series. In one series she was posed (I am making the assumption that these are self-portraits, I might be wrong)with her head poking inside a window, over a safety rail, etc.... And in the other series, she was hiding behind "professional" items: a desk chair, in a suitcase, etc...
really good stuff.

Kate said...

Why do I have a feeling he meant he'd like to be inches behind her?

(Hi, B.)

b said...

You ARE a cheeky little monkey, Kato!
And I love it!
In hindsight(badda boom), that might have been an unconscious thought.

In fact, what I was getting at and so awkwardly worded was that in the photograph Paula is so--how do I say this respectfully and neatly? I know: in a seemingly foreign language--"a-door-ah-blay" that I missed her more and, thus, wanted to be nearer, in the room, as it was.

It's a nice picture of our hostess.

Kate said...

Awww. Yes, indeed.

Love the new hair, Paula.

paula said...

Oh thanks, B! Maaan, I miss camp! What can we do about that?

And thanks, cheeky Kate. You should see my hair when it's combed. (After walking 27 miles to get from point every to point where (which I loved but am unaccustomed to) I gave up on checking the 'do.)(God that makes it sound like I check it at home which could be hotly contested by anybody who knows me.)