Saturday, October 07, 2006

What are you doing on October 13th?

Because I am going to be reading in Brooklyn at Pete's Candy Store at 7 PM with the remarkable poets Fred Schmalz and DJ Dolack! If you are in the vicinity, and you like poems and sandwiches and beer, I hope you will come!

Do you want to know a little big about Fred and DJ?

Fred Schmalz is a poet and publisher of the literature and art journal swerve. His poems have appeared in TheBedazzler, jubilat, Conduit, Divide, Forklift Ohio, H_NGM_N and other magazines. Schmalz's chapbook, Ticket, was published by Fuori Editions in 2002. He lives in Brooklyn.

DJ Dolack's work has most recently appeared in TheColumbia Poetry Review, Forklift ,Ohio and Salt Hill.He is a poetry editor at Eye For An Iris Press and teaches writing at Farleigh Dickinson University. He holds an MFA from Vermont College and lives in Brooklyn.

I won't be spelling, though, which makes me a little sad. The spelling bee at Pete's is held on Mondays...I have ALWAYS wanted to compete in a spelling bee, which is silly in a way, as I'm not that talented of a speller. But, perhaps if you come, you could just ask me to spell stuff when I'm not reading, and it'll brighten me right up. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

addendum to bio about DJ:

He likes goulash and also Ozzy Osbourne and his daughter and Trieste Italy and you won't know when enough is enough.

addendum to bio about Fred:

Swerve is stunning, catapulting.

addendum to bio about Paula:

I just hosted a metaphysical Speling Bee and she was hands down the winner. She took home a trophy of the queen, which hasn't been sighted at the Montshire Science Center for going on 3 years now. But the hive is active. She must live, however secretively.

This reading, what a treat!!! I will clap anonymously. It will sound like water being poured from a tea kettle someone built by hand.

b said...

Break a leg, stake a new edge, or something...

paula said...

Oh, thank you for the well wishes!