Sunday, September 24, 2006


The bells of the church at the end of the block have been going mad for quite some time. I was just wondering if there was a wedding or if this is Sunday business as usual that I'm not attentive to, when I was answered by a hundred white balloons with shiny ribbon being released into the chilly, sunny blue sky. I'm glad I was looking out the window just then.

I love fall. Coffee tastes better, train whistles sound lonelier (there are tons here, and it takes a lot of whistling to weigh that much). And all I want to eat is roasted orange food.

The Imaginary Press reading was beautiful! Allison and Josh are such amazing poets, great readers and sweet humans. Though there wasn't quite the standing room only atmosphere for which I'd hoped, the good crowd that came was lucky, and damn well knew it. Photos soon.

The bells are still going!! Now the neighborhood dogs are answering. They sound fed up.


Kate said...

I'm so sad I wasn't there to make the crowd bigger. I know they deserved a packed house. So glad to hear it went well, though!

Anonymous said...

Oh The Bells.

I also wish that I coulda been a part of the Imaginary Reading Series to egg on J and A, but alas, I am anonymous, and was prolly already there, picking my nose in the back, I do this all the time. I take invisibility for granted to put on some nasty.

Also, I know the resonance of Kate's and my hoots would have been piercing and I long to puncture in this way.

p, I am so happy for all of your orchestrations. They sound, to me, pure and lovely and without overtones.

Also, I agree about trains in the fall. Nothing makes me feel more like snuggling in to a feed cart than the sudden brillance VT provides in late September.

Two guys are doing push hands in my living room right now, and it is pretty hot, so I have to go for a while.