Tuesday, September 19, 2006

No Way!

I hope my hero Bruce Campbell is beside himself with joy about THIS!

**I must add that my Sam Raimi fanship in no way decreases the validity of my stand on Woody Allen.

(p.s. Somebody techno literate? Why is my sidebar hiding waaaay down there?)


Anonymous said...

It pains me that I cannot answer nor help nor heed nor improve nor relax about nor toast nor wallow in nor stroke nor STROKE, nor placate nor wear nor demean nor love in a biblical way nor hate in a biblical way nor fasten to upended nor extract nor divine your sidebar issues, p, it truly pains me.

I'm in a lotta pain ovah heah.


Oooh. Yowch.

Someone help this woman with her sidebar!

Anonymous said...

No one heeds me, but hey, that is OK, I am anonymous. Who heeds air?

Sorry your sidebar issues have not been resolved. I tried. I implored. I thought about babeish each of those dresses you like are.

But I am resolved in my desire for you to have the BEST FRIGGING (can you swear anonymously?) imaginary series evah with those great guys you got kicking around right now.

Kiss everyone you meet for me. I mean, if they are hot. I trust your judgement, lil p.

paula said...

Anon, your concern over my sidebar issues is touching. Thank you, because it's a big deal to me!