Sunday, September 17, 2006

four unrelated topics

1. I saw Little Miss Sunshine this weekend. Brian, wow. I don't recall both my "ball" and "guffaw" reflexes being tripped so uncontrollably and simultaneously as in the last scene of this film. If anybody hasn't seen it, I think you should.

2. On an unrelated note, I've been wondering from time to time lately, just to get a gauge, if my pal Paige is as tan or more tan than my father in the photo below.

3. No dress buying for me yet. I get all hung up with decisions and money spending so that whichever thing I purchase will be the wrong one in the end. This stems from having lived without dough for a stretch in the past. And while things are different now, I have retained these three non-spending coping techniques for deciding if I should release money in any form or not:
a. I make a big pot of something involving beans and lots of spices. Vegetarian chili or red beans and rice. It's on-hand, takes hours, is useful, and distracts me.
b. I walk to the branch library and select entertainment from the available choices. I'm not talking about the regular library, I'm talking about the one about a mile from me that has, aside from the fairly decent selection of novels and non-fiction that I have little time to read during the semester, approximately 53 videos and 17 books of poetry. There's no way there would ever be something I am really looking for there. Last time I went I found a film I had never heard of called The Theory of Flight starring Kenneth Branaugh and Helena Bonham Carter, a book of Norwegian myth poems, and a CD by Big Brother and the Holding Company (Janis Joplin's first group). Awesome!
c. This is the big one: when I really need a new something, I take a shopping bag and fill it up with crap from my house and drive it to the thrift shop to donate. I always can find that much stuff I don't need or want or look at, for I love things, especially useless things.

And that last activity is how I rediscovered half a dozen real vintage dresses I have had no recent reason to wear in the back of my closet.

Then again, if all three of those coping mechanisms don't stick, I feel quite free to do as I damn well please, which perhaps means a splurge on TWO dresses! What? Am I crazy?

4. BUT! Most importantly: the astounding poets Allison Titus and Joshua Poteat are only DAYS AWAY from being in Minneapolis!!


Anonymous said...

I deal with PPD. And am coveteous. And have cinematic eyes. Because I live where I do, temptation is limited to Keen Sandals or Crocs, and Columbia Sportswear at my local shops, all of them wildly unappealling. If I lived in Minneapolis I would buy every dress in the universe. I am not exaggerating.

Also, your Dad--is tan--the man--the man is wholly-hell tan--

I rivaled him a mere month ago, but alas, we are talking bleached handbag these days.

I am jealous about dresses and tans and Allison Titus. I'm going to hike about my feelings.

Have fun. You will.

paula said...

PPD? Please explain.
Thank you for the tan update.
I am jealous about hiking on land with some actual incline.
We should plan a date to call each other while online shopping. Gross!

Hum & Aepha said...

Do you have three-way calling? Will you include me? I'm not tan but I like hiking in dresses.

Kate said...

"I'm going to hike about my feelings" is the best line ever.

And your strategy is brilliant, Paula. And so are your vintage dresses. Alas, half my problem is that every time I consult the closet, I've gained or lost 10 lbs., so nothing fits.

I'm going to do yoga about my feelings.