Thursday, September 28, 2006

News Beyond My Great Fear for my Liberty

I've been doing these musical/poetic pairings lately....Rather like pairing wine with a meal. I pick an album from my iPod and find someplace purdy to walk while I listen to it, then I come home and sit with a book of poems.

Successful so far have been Portishead Dummy followed by James Tate's Absences (they share an elsewhere) and Kings of Leon's Youth and Young Manhood followed by Charles Simic's Aunt Lettuce, I Want to Peek Up Your Skirt (they're equally randy). Absolutely harrowing was Gorecki's 3rd Symphony, which P just introduced me to, followed by Celan's Fathomsuns/Benighted.

I would love to hear recommendations if other people do this. Or theoretical recommendations.


Anonymous said...

I like a good Godowsky/Larry Levis afternoon. Both thrum.

I think Upon Arrival/Fahey's bicycle built for 3 might also work.

I will be sampling the Portishead/Tate enmeshment.

paula said...

I had never heard of Fahey before, but have just been stalking his ghost on the web. I'm going to the record store to give him a listen now. Thanks!

Hum & Aepha said...

I love your mind.

Anonymous said...

Bicycle Built for 2 (not 3--I am no typist) is on the Transfiguration of Blind Joe Death album, and before you spend a pretty penny, know that I am a master burner.

I Am The Resurrection is one of my Faves.

Off to watch some Alyssa Milano flick because it makes someone (not me, thankfully) fixated in a way I can manuver to my supreme advantage.

I know I am anonymous, and it doth thrill, but I imagine you have an inkling about my True Nature, and thus, do let me know via email if the copy is something you desire.